The myths of NBA lore

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  • Someone posted that about 5 days ago on facebook. I filled him in with all about Wilt. He was floored by his amazingness. He had 2 games called double triple doubles! 20 P, 20 RB 20 AST. It’s kind of funny that Babe Ruth came and obliterated records in his sport and is still highly revered as the GOAT in baseball. Wayne Gretzky did the same, and while I don’t follow hockey enough to really argue this point, but is probably considered the GOAT of his sport. Wilt does the same in basketball, and no one will ever see numbers like Wilt’s again, and people try to brush it off.

  • @wissox Wilt was just born too soon and left this world way too soon. Imagine what records he would hold at KU and in the NCAA if freshman were able to play and they had shot clock. Watching YouTube videos of Wilt, he would’ve dominated in any era. There is a list of about 3 guys with his size and athleticism in NBA history. I consider Wilt the GOAT and always will.

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