• Wish this guy wouldn’t have played so well against us in Dallas. For those of you who remember EJ hitting him low-a few plays before the player defending EJ shoved him just as he was passing McGary to blind side him with a violent pick-the whiplash was brutal.

  • Yeah, sucks we caught him on what will likely be the peak of his playing career. Total role player until the NCAAs last year, and then was brilliant during their run to the championship game. If he could have stayed healthy and sustained that level of play, Michigan may well have been there again.

    Mitch could have himself a nice NBA career as a garbage man, playing those end/beginning of quarter minutes when the stars are resting. I think his upside is a poor man’s Tyler Hansbrough, but even that may be too generous. Unfortunately, KU was on the business end of the game of his life.

  • It was prescription medicinal marijuana for pain. Sounds like EJ’s shot was harder than we thought and still stings; he has not been the same man since then.

  • MitchFlop McGaryFlop. Will never believe to this day that a Big10 bigman would put on a pansy display like that after EJ’s “stiff” screen. Like we are to seriously believe he wasnt wearing a cup? Someone go hold his hand, tell Mitch “it will be OK”…and take him some flowers, oops, I mean some certain green plants, sure to put a smile on his face.

    We lost that game for about 7+ reasons in the last 3min, that have NOTHING to do with that little incident.

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