Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

  • Who’s gonna watch the first preseason game tomoro, and where will you be!? I cant freekin wait people. Im gonna go to Johns upper deck, downtown KCMO by the P&L. Coincidentally its the night before my Bday so Imma be partay ING!

  • I’m still trying to learn which cable company I’m supposed to subscribe to to get these early games. I have dish and usually purchase full court. Anybody know if that will still get it done ?

  • Not for exhibition games.

  • I dunno. I’m not quite ready for basketball yet, so I’m probably going to watch a replay of the KU-Baylor football game instead or maybe just hit the sack early and check the box score on Wednesday morning.

  • Hopefully, Crossing Tavern will have the game on TV in Chicago

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