• Waiting on the Brady domino to fall to kick off free agency in earnest. The Chiefs could use a healthy backup. Lol

    It’ll be interesting to see where the old man ends up - my guess New England, but he’d do well in San Fran and Tennessee too.

  • Brady has five times as many playoff wins, six times as many Super Bowl wins and seven times as many 30-touchdown seasons as all the quarterbacks in Buccaneers history, according to ESPN Stats & Information. He could lose his next 283 starts and still have a better career record than the Bucs franchise.

    The Bucs?!? Lol, but now Tampa bay is a hot destination for free agents.

  • Brady is average without HOF receivers and tight ends. He ain’t playing in the worst division in football anymore either, he’s done.

  • They released his contract today, 2 years for $50 million. No trade or tag in the contract and all guaranteed. I personally wouldn’t have signed him for that. Good for him to get a good deal on his way out.

  • @kjayhawks if he starts two years it’s still team friendly. Winston wouldn’t have signed for less than 30 in Tampa. It’ll likely be less now that he’s been set free though. Weird how the market works. Godwin is a very nice receiver. I don’t know what they have beyond that, but Winston threw for a ton of yards last year and 30 TDs. If he didn’t throw just as many pics they would’ve been pretty salty. Brady looked washed down the stretch, we’ll see how it plays out. Glad it’s not my team.

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