Jordan Brand Boxscore

  • Here’s the only link to the boxscore I could find this morning -

  • @HighEliteMajor I saw this game from the last 5min of the 1st half, and the entire 2nd half. Cliff Alexander was a MAN amongst boys. You can tell he needs Huditioning, but his mindset around the rim, both offensively and defensively is something I want to mind-meld into Perry Ellis’ brain!!! We need a return of toughness in the paint. You know Self is ecstatic about this type of aggressive player.

    How about we keep the frosh “insertions” to a manageable level with just BigCliffX and Oubrefrosh…let Turner-InjuryProne (there, I said it…) stay home and heal up for a year, then go straight pro. We got plenty of size and system guys (finally) to support BigCliffX.

    Cliff even hit a 3, which I didnt know he could do. And you gotta appreciate Cliff’s smarts in coming to Self’s program where he has the chance to turn into a real beast (think Zach Randolph). Adding a MAN into the player mix tends to get other’s to express their inner-man more. Always been that way, and this “soft” team sorely needs it. Im actually excited about Traylor finding quick chemistry with Cliff (like he did with 1AD Black).

  • @ralster

    Oh, my, you are getting me juiced about Alexander the Great.

  • Did also catch a glimpse of MJ Himself at the Jordan game, and watching MJ battle the Detroit guys on 30-for-30 was a NICE blast from my past. MJ was/is/always will be da Man. Its his “game” and work ethic that is the pinnacle for me.

  • Alexander was the MVP fort West and Okafor for the East. Two of the more memorable plays of the game were Alexander’s block of Okafor and Alexader’s dunk of the backboard. Mudiay had also a nice dunk. Oubre also did great on his way to 24 points. The KU recruits combined for 47 points and 13 rebounds. Alexander also had 5 blocks.

  • I can’t wait for these kids to be in Lawrence. As I have stated before both look t

  • @joeloveshawks to have a killer instinct which is something we missed last year. Not sure you can take away too much from the Jordan game, though. It was all offense.

  • Hate to say it, but the two Dukies play really well together.

    I saw most of the first half of the Jordan Brand Classic. Alexander was a BEAST! I am absolutely stoked about the prospect of him in a KU uniform. Anyone who said he would be a lateral move from Black is blind. I miss having a player who just dunks the crap out of everything. And I mean nasty two handed jams with intent of doing harm to the rim and anyone silly enough to get in the way!

    Oubre doesn’t look to shabby either. 🙂

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