Things are starting to get back to normal.

  • Number one ranking, Good shot at Final Four, Conference champs to start a new streak. Now, If the sanctions come and we are hit with a loss of scholarships, forfeiting games from last year…meh, maybe a loss of an assistant coach, scorn and hatred from K State - what’s new about that, and a few game suspensions for lack of oversight, BUT, if Bill Self is still here, with all of this years trophies and the current crop of recruits already with us, then, things are back to normal and I am again, a Happy Jayhawk.

    In the SUCK season of last year, (which would be a great season for 99% of all division 1 schools,) our innocence was taken away from us. The worst penalty hitting us as fans, has already taken place. Let’s announce what the omnipotent NCCA has decided and MOVE ON! Move the F— on!
    , Our sports idols have never been perfect. Money has always ruled. College basketball is shockingly close to being professional. All of us will be happy for Mahomes when he gets his money. A college scholarship is worth Hundreds of thousands of dollars, but every starter gets one of those. Lets remember, even with the criticism from the Missouri pendant who say’s “Why would a great recruit want to come to a wheat field and play ball.” Why? Because we wrote the DAMN RULES. Bill Self has held his head up and coached the hell out of this team that had no recruits as of July of last year.

    I’m over the sanctions, whatever they are. ROCK CHALK!!! 2,300 wins.

  • @wrwlumpy no one talks about Rupp being busted anymore or even really Cal.

  • 96AC1E71-8F6D-4419-BFCD-2AFE5ECB31EA.jpeg

  • @wrwlumpy sure a lot of KSU shots in that highlight reel

  • @StLJhawk it’s a big 12 highlight, not KU

  • So, will we get something? Definitely. But what? I’m of the opinion - taking into account that we never played Preston, nor De Sousa until he was cleared by the NCAA - that we will receive only a loss of scholarships. What are you guys thinking? Remember, they still have to deal with Miller (bigtime evidence), as well as others. And then, ofcourse, there is always in the back of their minds, ‘but what about Nike?’

    Call me jaded, but there are many wrinkles and angles to this story, and everyone of them - when trying to predict - needs to be considered. What’s going on right now? Politics, ladies and gentlemen, politics.

  • @kjayhawks

    Right, but we scored more points, and won, you’d think there would at least be the same amount.

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