Sorry but heard these and kind of cool KU questions

  • Was listening to my local sports show this afternoon , and they brought these up - - good to pass conversation , get feed back. - - they were asking a couple of Questions. - - -Ready ? Here we go :

    Question One : - What do you think , they were taking a poll on this ready? IF AGAIN IF you were a K-State fan , would you as a fan rather K-State win the game tonight , and possibly be what KU needed to the win the Big 12 Championship - OR would you rather as a K-state fan lose tonight and KU possibly stumble and NOT get the Championship ? - -Which would you rather do ?

    2nd Question Ok here we go: - - If KU met Houston in the NCAA , how many points would Quentin Grimes Score against KU ? - -then they threw in how many would he score if Marcus was Guarding him? - -My response to that is - -if Marcus guards him it would be a BIG FAT ZERO. - -ok guys woul love to hear your responses thought it was kind of cool to hear the response. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 lol, why waste a defender on Grimes?

  • @dylans ya no way Garrett guards Grimes, Ochai probably does. Garrett probably gets Mills, who is a better driver and all round player.

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