And then you have this , it's called Basketball , what a crazy season

  • Well guess I shouldn’t be surprised .The results of today , the way things have gone. Been such a whacko season , like we have said there is by far no dominant team this year.

    To help justify this season just stop and think about these things. -How often in the same year you see your bluebloods being beaten on they’re home floor ? Duke beaten by who Stephen F Austin right ? Kentucky being beaten but Evansville. Then more craziness another blue blood being under 500 North Carolina 8-9 being beatin multiple times on their home floor 1-5 in league play 1-5 ! ! !

    Let’s just look at this weeks play for more. # 3 Duke beaten twice in the Same week ( how often does K and that happen to Duke? ) # 4 Auburn beaten twice this week. # 5 Butler being beaten twice this week

    Need more to see just how crazy it’s been this year ? today ? # 3 Duke # 4 Auburn # 5 Butler # 12 West Virginia # 16 Wichita State # 20 Colorado & # 21 Ohio State ALL lost today on top of that # * Oregon got really lucky had to go to overtime to get past Washington - -just insane things.

    other things , this is the 1st time since 2004 that North Carolina has been under 500. # 4 & # 5 both lost to unranked teams today .

    a Couple final things I observed. Mercy is Iisiah Stewart an absolute animal , one big boy , very talented for Washington and then another ol boy can’t think of his last name at the minute , Guard for Oregon Peyton ? ? ? - -he is an absolute thug. - -He grabs , he clears out pushes off with his off arm to get a shot - -just ugly thug and yet they won’t call it & some are blatent as hell - - CRAZY YEAR GUYS. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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