found kind of interesting Devon/Marcus

  • Was bored , decided to scroll through team stats, kind of surprised me. Just remembering from past about how people saying Marcus worthless a liability on offensive end. - - Devon’s stats 1st - then Marcus.

    Devon’s stats : fg% 46.1 3pt% 31.3% To per 2.5 Asst per 4.4 Asst/To 66-38 Reb per 3.8

    Marcus stat’s : fg% 46.6 3pt% 35.7% To per 1.6 Asst per 4.3 Asst/To 68-26 Reb 3.8

    Actually Marcus line is better pretty much across the board - - in less minutes - - -Devon 34.5 minutes to Marcus 29.3 . Love em both but Marcus is holding his own for sure on top of the fact that Marcus better on defensive end if only because if nothing else able to guard multiple positions and you usually see him on the opposing teams best player. Not trying to start some huge argument - -people getting feathers ruffled just bored and curious - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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