Big 12 basketball coaches 2019

  • Saturday marks the beginning of the Big 12 season. West Virginia will be in Allen Field House. The electricity, the volume, the tension. Both Huggie and Bill screaming at their troops - trained dogs at halftime. All of this will be watched on phones and laptops around the world.

    But now it’s time for the Bucket’s annual argument concerning who’s the best and who’s the worst coach in the Big 12.

    Lumpy’s top 10.

    1. Self

    2. Beard

    3. Huggins

    4. Kruger

    5. Dixon

    6. Drew

    7. Boynton

    8. Weber

    9. Prohm

    10. Smart

    I’ve come to respect all of these men. Even the bottom 3. I’ve grudgingly gained respect for Weber as a defensive coach. ( He still looks like Liberace and he’s a whiner, yet the way he has managed to keep his job has been admirable. ) (Too many down years for #9 and #10. ) Self is friends with Lon and Huggie, the rest he just respects, sans Drew.


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