Place your bets

  • No not really that’s illegal and that’s not what we are here for.

    But for entertainment purposes and a few laughs perhaps, place your bets ladies and gentlemen.

    Kentucky as of right now is a 2.5 point favorite across the board in Vegas. That’s just a half point shy of a last second Harrison 3 pointer.

    The over under is on an average at 135.5 points across the board in Vegas. That would mean the game should finish right around 68 to 66 or somewhere around there.

    So who are you betting on, not cheering for and do you take the overs or the unders?

  • @JRyman I’m not a big bettor - mostly because I’m always wrong. I’ve tried the reverse bet thing, where I bet on the team that I think will lose so that somehow the team that I want to win will win. (I don’t even know what I just said there.)

    But mostly I just want tonight’s game to be forfeited and neither one of them will win.

  • UConn wins straight up by 6, add the 2.5 and they win by 8.5 according to Vegas.

    The +/- was 135.5 and the grand total was 114. Taking the unders wins you some money, can’t believe Vegas missed the mark on that one so bad.

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