Pooka Williams just 2nd Jayhawk to top 1,000 rushing yards in consecutive years

  • While I was reading the above article - trying to debunk it because of Gale Sayers (I was wrong, as usual) - I did see an interesting / depressing side note when researching this story. When Sayers was drafted out of Kansas, he was picked by Chicago and Kansas City. After discussing it with his wife, they chose Chicago. I never knew this, or I probably wouldn’t have rooted for him in the NFL. At least not as much.

  • @nuleafjhawk If it makes you feel better Sayers did his damage in 10 games to Pooka’s 11 (missed a game each year).

  • @dylans Thank you! That makes me feel much better! Lol.

    Actually, Lol-ing aside, for me there are two people in KU sports history that I consider to be the best of all time in their respective sports.

    Wilt Chamberlain

    Gale Sayers

    I don’t think the world will ever see any others like them. Everybody knows about Wilt. Maybe Gale didn’t get the worldwide shock and awe that Wilt did, but I’ve seen video of him (I was only about 6-7 years old when he went to the NFL) but he was incredible. He had moves that couldn’t be made! Lightning quick, jitterbug moves AND power. Dang it - I’m ready to put on my Sayers jersey right now.

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