Not paying ESPN+, didn't see the game tonight.

  • Just got home and looking at box scores from the NBA.

    While we don’t have a large number of alums right now on rosters our guys seem to be thriving. The best news to me is BMac got a start for Houston tonight and scored 21. Graham scored 18 and had 10 assists. Embiid scored over 30 with a bunch of boards. Wiggins didn’t play for some reason, but he’s done better this season than in past years. The Morrises keep contributing, hard to keep track where they’re at as they seem to change teams each season. Svi barely playing in Detroit. Cheick cashing Cheicks from the end of Houston’s bench.

  • Wiggins didn’t play because of a personal matter is what I read.

    Graham had good numbers but was 8-23 from the field. He clearly has the green light which is always good.

    Eric Gordon got hurt and is out awhile so Ben should get plenty of starts and opportunities while he is out. Awesome to see him have a good night last night. He’s played a lot better this year.

  • A friend pointed out two errors. Cheick is with the Suns and I totally whiffed on Oubre’s productive play with the Suns as well. Thanks @JayHawkFanToo!

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