KU Sports - Oct 27: Chris Piper - The Evolution of a Businessman

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    “I had a great plan. I thought I could pay for our debt by doing the T-shirts for Late Night with Larry Brown.”

  • I loved this article!! The 1988 championship team worked their miracle and created a special era in my life that is connected to my first wife and our two children. Chris Piper was/is a part of that and always will be.

    Piper was an intregal part of the team and went on to have a public life as a broadcaster. I liked his color commentary and felt he added greatly to any broadcast. I remember when he announced that he was leaving the television scene to do fewer games on radio. Now I can see why.

    Chris Piper was a sterling example of a fine young athlete and the passage of time has shown us that he had matured into a fine person all around. I hope we will be saying the same for the current roster of KU athletes in 25 years.

  • I was in California working as a tech rep with the Air Force and a colonel in the unit I was attached to had a big KU flag on the wall behind his desk. We had big smiles the next day. After the game I tried to call family in Kansas and kept getting “all circuits are busy” for about 15-20 minutes.

  • We had amber growlers of beer at a work party yesterday here in VA. I looked at the bottom of the bottle. Sure enough, it was made by Grandstand.

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