Oh Jo-jo - - - -jo-jo - - whats up buddy ? - -what the hell

  • Just watching high lights - -between Philly and Minnesota - - madness lol - - -Jo Jo and Simmons doubling down on the defensive end – Philly is off the other way - - next thing you know - -Jo-Jo and Towns getting after it on the other end.

    Hard to tell 1st glance - - -looks like they were tangled up - - kinda of looks like Jo-Jo might of kicked at him 1st - -but didn’t see if Towns did anything for Jo-Jo to do that - - looks like towns like I said they were tangled up - -Looks like Towns may have thrown an elbow - - -then Jo-Jo and Towns take swings - - both ejected - – Jo-Jo what up? - they said that him and Towns have a little feud going on - -no love lost for one another - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • Just two good players letting off some steam. Nothing really happened. Towns missed his punch and then they hugged each-other to the ground. Embiid is the better player, though.

    What was kind of interesting is what happened in the scuffle outside of Embiid and Towns, though. Simmons wrestled Towns to the ground like Steve Irwin wrestling an alligator. And then there were two Timberwolves fans yelling at Embiid post-brawl who ended up being Towns’ parents. Just a lot going on there.

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