3-star WR decommits from KU football's 2020 class

  • Could this be due to change in OC?

  • AsadZ said:

    Could this be due to change in OC?

    Think maybe more that he felt possibly not the best fit after all , more or less committed on a whim. - -Seen other commits at his position - -other schools still trying to get him after the verbal to KU- - with College football just the nature of the game.

    Verbal really isn’t worth a lot - -other schools will continue to pursue until that name is on the line. - -It’s a loss - -but won’t be the last – just the way it is - -I think another reason Coach continues to recruit yet for even THIS year 2020 - -for reasons such as this. - -We were actually before this de-commit ONE over the limit allowed but they have ways to work that out. - -We still getting after Clayton even though we are at our limit and others too probably but know for sure Clayton - -wish the kid luck - -sorry to see him go but we will be fine. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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