Well ready or not - - - BB Season is here

  • Well my KU family , it’s here - - -our time of year, Basketball Season. You or I can’t predict what this Season will hold - - how it will unfold , we can hope , wish , predict - however you want to twist it , but we just don’t know.

    I myself think our chances of having a pretty special season are pretty decent. Still a lot goes into the reality - things such as player improvement ( Oachi Dave ) - from everything I’ve heard both have really made strides. - - -Things such as keeping healthy ( Doke ) - - -ovoid other key injuries such as ( Devon ) - -we just CAN NOT have Devon go down for any kind of time - - QB of this team. - -incoming players being able to contribute quality play/minutes - - -( Moss ) - -& the Freshmen.

    Ya looking forward to it - - got a monster front line - - like Coach said - - we can always play Bully ball - -going to be hard for people to match up with our front court - -there is NO reason why we should get out re-bounded in a game. - - -Then we have our MR Consistent Garbage man - -( Mitch ) - -what he lacks in talent - -he gains back with heart and energy - -Always gives 100 % PLUS one. - -he is the guy not afraid to sacrifice his body to take the Charge - - pick up a few rebounds - - the thing that really has surprised me through his years has been his ability to block the shot - - had no idea , how many times he has gotten beat on D but been able to recovery and still swat the ball - -Mitch is a guy that will dive on the floor after loose balls. - -Give me a couple more guys that’s willing to do whatever for the team like Mitch does - - -I’ll be fine- -a guy that gives it his all for the team.

    My friends we have no idea how this NCAA thing is going to turn out - - -one thing we do know is , general concensus it’s not going to be determined for this season - Need to enjoy THIS Season and worry about Tomorrow - - Tomorrow - -and let’s live Today - - for Today – Screw the NCAA - -

    NOW is the time to UNITE - -even more as Jay Hawk Nation - -show every one KU is here now - -KU will be here forever - -No matter what happens w will survive - -It’s time to kick some Ass - can you feel it? - -Are you ready? - -Tonight IT STARTS - - I’m ready - - I’m stoked - - and as usual my friends I’ll end this just like always - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • I feel like we all need to comment amen after that. I’m pumped!

  • And how do we start? Snoop shoots money (fake thankfully) at the players and behaves like a cretin. Optics people. Optics!!

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  • kjayhawks said:


    got to love it. - -and then KU goes out and apologizes for Snoop’s performance - - -like others have said on other sites - -Hell 90% of the people there loved the act - - -People had a choice , they didn’t HAVE TO STAY , anybody who knows ANYTHING about Snoop at all - - - knows his act - - - he hasn’t made the3 money he has and sold as many Cd’s and promo’s by being the Pope. - -got the attention of the younger generation AND recruits – they loved him

    Sweet jab at the NCAA with the gear - - the gun - -the way Snoop was decked out - - no problem. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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