Andrea Hudy and Cortisol Levels

  • There was an interesting article in ESPN the magazine this month about Andrea Hudy testing the team weekly for cortisol levels in their saliva. The theory is that high cortisol levels directly correspond to stiffness and poorer performance on the court.

    I wonder to what extent this influenced our rotations this year. My guess is not much, but it’s the first I’m hearing of it. I tried to find an article online about it, but only came up with something pre-study:

    ####Kansas’ Hudy, high-tech weight room secret weapon####

    After enduring eight knee surgeries, Hudy is also passionate about injury prevention. She is working closely with the school on a plan to test cortisol levels — better known as the ‘stress hormone’ — in athletes throughout a season. They’ll use the results to evaluate how cortisol may affect injuries.

    “This has been years in the making, in terms of what we’re trying do and what we’re trying to compile,” Hudy said. “Cortisol could be a huge answer … in what we’re seeing in terms of fatigue, and fatigue throughout the season.”

  • Let the jokes begin…

    I always thought that “stiffness” was a desirable thing to improve performance for indoor sports…bada-boom

  • @approxinfinity Wow! As a Registered Nurse, this medical stuff is really fascinating to me. Cortisol and injury occurrences. That sounds like a doctorate thesis. It just proves we have the best trainer in the bizz right now.

    If Embiid decides to stick around, he would still be getting the tippy top level of care at KU. I should expect no less, after all The University of Kansas Hospital is among the best in the nation. Rock Chalk!

  • If you get a stiffy, your game gets iffy…bada-bin

    (loosely stolen from two an half men)

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