Looking back

  • Looking back on a year with lots of ups and downs.

    We replaced all 5 starters with a pretty good nucleus of new comers. This kid from Memphis transfers in, some kid from Cameron that will be a project, a McDonalds all american. A local Kansas boy, and perhaps the biggest name to come out of high school last year.

    We won out 10th straight Big12 regular season title, along the way found out that JoJo was amazing, and Black could play a whole game. Traylor was a spark of energy and that Ellis is so steady its almost not human.

    On the down side our home winning streak came to an end, but a new one started. We lost to Okie St and Kstate on their floors, but no back flips on ours. We lost to Texas but got revenge bigger and better. We beat ISU twice this year lost in that pesky Big12 turny.

    Found out Andrew could score as much as he wants but only when he wanted to??? Huggie bear got a $25,000 bonus for beating KU, maybe he can start shopping at the same place Al Davis got his sweat suits now?

    KU was good this year, not great. We have no idea what next year will bring or who, but what we do know is, basketball will be played again. Kansas will be good, we will fall in love with some players and get mad at others. We wil praise Coach Self one week and question him the next. It’s sports, it’s the original reality TV. There is no script, there is no crystal ball, but thats why we watch, thats why they play the games on the court and not on paper.

    Let our emotions run wild, screaming after a dunk and highfiving a stranger, to the lows or lows where they catch a young rabid fan on TV with tears in his eyes, but still with a glimmer of hope.

    It’s basketball, it’s the game we love and hate at times. It brings out the worst and the best in us as fans, but we never wafer, from our team we don’t leave them to go cheer on someone else next season. We are KU fans. We are Jayhawks through and through, live and die and bleed out that Crimson and blue.

    Rock Chalk Jayhawk

    Thank you 2013-14 players coaches and fans like me.

    What a ride, what a ride…

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