Kelvin Herrera

  • When the Sox signed him over the winter, I thought we were going to be getting a slightly on the decline former superstar reliever. Thru early May he was superb. He was the guy I remember torturing the Sox for the most part of this decade.

    He’s only 29 years old which surprised me as I saw it.

    But, he has apparently lost it. He has an ERA around 8 for the season. He seemingly gets shelled in every high leverage situation, situations where he used to be lights out. Sad to see a formerly great reliever struggle so badly, particularly when he’s on my team! Hoping he finds what he lost.

  • @wissox Yeah, we didn’t trade much to get him from the Royals, but he was bad and then injured for us (Nats)

  • @approxinfinity I was amazed when I looked up his stats and saw he’s only 29.

  • Well, you cut the heads off the Royals three-headed monster and that’s what you get. Wade Davis is probably done too. Holland didn’t do a whole lot either after KC, losing about 3 mph on his fastball each year.

    Guys can’t throw 100 mph forever.

  • @approxinfinity Not to rub salt in an ever growing wound, but Giolito shutout Minny today on 3 hits. 12 k’s, no walks. He has 3 CG shutouts this season now, which leads baseball!

  • @wissox I’m ok with it right now because Eaton has been hot, our top 3 starters should be dominant come playoffs if Scherzer comes back healthy, and our bullpen was bolstered at the deadline and should be good if Ross and Fedde move to long relief, we cut Matt Grace, and possibly move Rainey, Strickland or Hudson into closer role in lieu of Doolittle.

    We’ve scored 11 or more in 5 of the last 7 games.

    I’m glad Giolito is working out for you. Since our starters have been good I always thought of him as a trade chip for help in the bullpen. Losing Treinen and Filipe Vasquez hurt a little more because they are now All Star relievers.

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