Bill Buckner

  • Was one of my favorites as a kid when I was a Cub fan too. Great hitter and competitor. He never struck out 40 times in a season. There are 121 players currently who have 40 or more with 1/3 of the season gone.

    East coast bias showed up in a big way in reporting his death. “Red Sox Legend” I read on three different news sources. He spent 2 full seasons on the Red Sox out of 22 seasons.

    He had the memorable goof in 1986 but that only came after his bullpen had given away a 2 run lead in the bottom of that last inning (which I think was in extras) The Mets didn’t win the world series that game. They then had to play a deciding game 7 which of course they choked away another later lead in as well.

    BillyBuck moved away from Boston a little later in his life because he got sick of the annoying Boston fans reminding him of his error. People can be really annoying.

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