Jeff Long

  • Got to say , we like many others have heard all the rumors about the possibility of Coach leaving and going quite possibly to the NBA. We also know about how these kind of rumors are like jet fuel for opposing Coach’s in recruiting and paly them against us.

    Well Jeff Long doubled up on what Coach said art the banquet saying again what Coach had said - that he wasn’t going anywhere - - - -ANYWHERE ! - -Long followed that up by saying at the banquet saying that they were very happy what Coach had done since he had been here, and that in the future he wanted to have Coach leading for the next several years.

    So I mean sounds like Coach wants to be here - - - Long saying he wants him here. So the best way to put an end to these fricing rumors - - squelch them is simple - - Sign Coach Self to a nice extension put an end to the bull shit and then these idiots have to fins something to talk smack about with Coach or what ever - -I know there had been some talk - about just that so - -stop talking and just agree to the extension - - these rumors and end this these rumors about Coach leaving and this NCAA/FBI thing has just kicked our recruiting this year right square in the Chones - -put this to bed now ROCK CHALK ALLD AY LONG BABY

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