Renovations - -Basketball/football

  • Wasn’t sure where to put this - -Football ? - -Or Basketball. - Just read off the Phog.

    The Board of Regents gave initial approval for renovations for Boothe Memorial Stadium and Allen Fieldhouse to a 5 year Capital improvement – -however what the projects would detail are not clear.

    The 5 yr Capital improvement which included setting a series of Dates for the 300 Million worth of renovation to KU’S stadium and a ONE time 20 Million renovation to the field house.

    The Board will consider final approval to the 5 year plan in it’s may meeting - -the renovation would begin in July of 2020.

    The 1st phase of the football renovation which would total 170 million would begin during the 20231 fiscal year or the academic year with a 6.2 million project. The Allen Field House renovation is also slated for the 20-21 fiscal year.

    The 1st phase would continue in the 2022 fiscal with a 66 million project and in 2023 fiscal with a 97.8 million renovation project.

    The Phase 2 of the renovation total of 130 Million would begin in the 2025 fiscal year with a 30 Million project and the remaining 100 Million of the renovation are slated to take place after the 5 year Capital improvement plan.

    the funds would be coming through Private donations - -well sounding like that renovation WILL take place afterall. - - Long said he wanted to wait until he got the football back on or headed in a better direction - which has taken shape with the Hiring of Miles it says. - -Hope I’m around long enough to see the finished product. - makes me happy - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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