Contrived Controversy

  • Every single reference ESPN has made to the UVA game has mentioned a “controversial foul” call. There was never any controversy about the call, it was a clear foul. The only controversy around the game was regarding the double dribble moments before. The ability to coordinate this unified front of bullshit across all their stories i think speaks to the level that ESPN is engineering their news. It is a well oiled poo factory at this point, having coordinate bias in Duke’s favor for 2 decades.

    This is a simple little lie. But it’s deliberate, because a controversy simply must be the last play in their sensationalist formula. And so it is, truth be damned.

  • So, the media would push a narrative of its choosing? Who da’ thunk it?

  • Let’s just hope TTech gives the powers at be no choice but to crown them the national champs tomorrow night. I doubt either team runs away with it, and it really could be the lowest scoring NC game in a long time.

    2011 was a dud of game when Uconn bested “worsted?” Butler 53-41. I remember turning that snoozefest off. Surprise surprise, Wisconsin’s one title was also the lowest scoring title game in history. 39-34. Only 1 team, UNLV has scored 100 and I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow night doesn’t reach 100 combined for the two teams, but back to your original post, Tech better not leave it in the hands of the zebras because funny things keep happening.

  • Women’s championship was pretty entertaining. Baylor wins another one for the B12.

  • Well Baylor wins the womens National Championship - -Now I we can just get Tech to win on the Men’s

  • @approxinfinity Yep, anytime it’s not Dook that gets a lucky call, its front page news. We have on that road ourselves with Elijah Johnson block/charge, Mario Littles FTs vs UCLA and WV last season. Last time I put the calculator to it Dook averaged 22 more FTs at home than opponents. But it will never be news, just like the corruption in Washington or on wall street. As long as the money flows my friends.

  • @kjayhawks Remember our epic elite 8 game and there was a controversial block/charge call that went against Duke? I just about gagged when I read several national publications that made an issue out of Duke getting screwed.

    Most overblown analysis of the year award went to SI for this:

    This is the kind of analysis that pushes people over the edge into irrational behavior, kind of like the Bama fan that poisoned the oaks at Auburn. Maybe if they retitled it Duke is good for college basketball I’d read it, but I want Kansas dominance. I want Duke to fade away. And fans of every other team want their team to be dominant. I don’t hate dominant teams, I’m jealous of Nova’s amazing two titles in 3 years, and UNC nearly doing the same, but I don’t hate them because of the way they do it and the way the sports media treats those teams.

    When ESPN has a Duke player ratings right next to their power ratings, they’ve lost all pretense of objectivity.

    I’m all worked up now and I need to go to bed! Good night! RCJHKU!

  • @wissox well, maybe you’d root for Duke too if your Alma mater was:

    clown college

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