Duke should have just lost

  • To UCF … university of central Florida.
    This duke team is considered one of the best assemblages of talent since the Kentucky team that lost to Wisconsin. If the ball had rolled a slightly different way, Duke is OUT on the first weekend. To UCF.

    This is what the ncaa tourney is about… this is why it really really hard to win it no matter what kind of talent you recruit. This is why it is is a very imperfect overall measure of a teams and coaches success.

    How would we have all felt of this were Kansas’s recruits? And they lost? You can load up your team with nba studs, but it doesn’t guarantee a win in the ncaa. So every time I read here that ncaa championships are the measure of how we rate our team, I just laugh…

  • Also I very much agree with the general premise of this thread. Full data from over the course of an entire season is a better measure than a single elimination tournament with corrupt officiating.

  • @Bosthawk You know better. Duke will never lose. Ever.

    I watched this debacle. I was more disappointed about UCF losing ( notice I didn’t say Dook winning) than our pounding yesterday.

    Go whoever’s Playing Dook !

  • Yes we all root for duke to lose… and many many many fans obviously root for Kansas to lose. Goes with the territory

  • I hate dook. Carry on.

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