wow - - Ochai - -check this out - -insane

  • guys , just heard this on my local sports talk show – if you stop and think about this - -it’s, insane - -you talk about a Steal - -we got one ok check this out:

    Ok, according to the Ken Pom ratings: – This has to do regarding Offensive Ratings efficiency which includes - - - rebounding - - -scoring - - -assists - -they are saying according to KenPom - -if Ochai qualified - -but he doesn’t say you have to play in like 28% of the games - - IF he qualified he would be Ranked 6th in offensive efficiency/rating - -Not in the Big 12 - -BIT in the COUNTRY - the entire Country - -that’s insane - -we got a REAL steal here - -and yet we were going to red shirt this guy. - -How crazy is that? -got to love i. - - ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 This is one of the reason I’m glad we got Braun. Let’s go after the top 2 guys in our area hard. He’s one of the better freshman we have ever had, now I won’t say I expect it outta Braun yet but I’d rather have local kids that could stay for years, that go hard than some of these OADs that half ass it.

  • Devon Dotson has been named National Freshman of the Week by CBS and USBWA! Outstanding!

  • Ochai is turning into a late x-mas gift for all of us - and this team was really due for some good fortune. But he is still raw, and my guess is we will have him for at least two more seasons

  • @Bosthawk plus they actually care about the name on the front of the jersey!