Self/KU % in Big 12

  • Ok I know I said I was out removed from posting/conversation BUT I saw this and thought surely there would be no way anybody could and turn things round to make it looks as I were some bumbling idiot on this BUT I guess I should reserve judgement till later.

    Anyways just heard this and thought dam - - - they said that in Big 12 play that KU since 2016 - - - Was 37- -3 in games that have been decided in single digits. - -That’s crazy. - - Anyways I’m disappearing again , staying out of conversation/posts for a bit , refocus - I’ll be back I know I just pissed in some’s Wheaties - -but don’t know what to tell ya - -I’ll be back maybe things will be a little different , hopefully. - Just getting pretty tired of no matter what I post there are some that seem to have that vendetta to poke and probe try and chap my ass. - They just wanna go on & on &on even when I tell them not trying to argue - -tell them it’s no problem that’s why things are good here - people can have their opinions I can have mine - - ell them time to move on to another topic - -AND they still wanna get that last jab/shot.

    So I’m just mellowing for some time I’ll be back after some time OK see ya all. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

  • @jayballer73 - When you come back - my question is: Why do you care if you tinkle in someone’s Wheaties or not? If you’re just stating your opinion and not intentionally trying to get under other people’s skin - then let it be their problem and not yours. We’re human. We don’t all agree all the time. I think everyone on here pretty much gets that. Don’t let it get to you brother.

  • Agreed with @nuleafjhawk, and @jayballer73 there’s nothing wrong with stepping away from a conversation, anyone can respect that too. Hell I wasn’t in the chat all for several games, needed to just watch the games with the family sometimes. No big thing. This board is here to share when you wanna share, should be relaxing, not stressful, don’t stress. I understand being your own worst critic, because I am mine. All good man.

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