Well if THIS is true

  • screw this , man IF this is true. - - DONE.

    Article released from the KC star - -read it off the phog. – The article states - -that in the Police report it said that Williams punched the girl in the stomach and had her by the throat she had bruises on her arm and side. - - NOT GOOD PERIOD.

    Williams stated that he pushed the girl/lyoung lady? - -when he saw her in the room with other guys. - -Article states also that the 18 yr old also told the Police she had text messages ON HER PHONE where Williams was admitting his guilt.

    If this is true and man I’m tellin ya it sure doesn’t look goo - -she having text messages from Pooka on her phone where Williams was admitting his guilt about it - -Then if it is true - -I’m like see ya buddy - -I’m not down for that shit at all - -I don’t care WHO you are - -no place for anything like that. - -Dam you representing the Unniversity - -NEVER put hands on a woman especially hands around her throat? - -punching her in the stomach. - -GOD I hope this isn’t right - -just sounds really bad - -if it is - -that’s THE LAST we see him. - - rock chalk all day long baby

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