Super Bowl?

  • It would seem there is a slight pattern here. Villanova seemingly looked ahead to the KU game and got handled by Penn. ASU just got whooped by Vanderbilt, guess who’s next on the slate? Yup, Vanderbilt caught ASU looking ahead too.

    I know it doesn’t usually work this way, but I hope our guys can learn from these other teams mistakes.

  • @dylans We need to take out some whoopass on them. They handed our heads to us last time. Whoopass to this team is a win by at least a 4 point margin. I’ll say KU 81…the Sun Drivels 77.

  • ASU was playing well in the first half and leading most of it and was within 3 point with 4 minutes left but disintegrated the rest of the game and could not play decent defense and Vanderbilt scored its last 14 points in the last 3 minutes from the FT line.

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