Otis Livingston

  • A promising but troubled KU player on the 87-88 team Otis Livingston just came into view on my sports radar.

    He showed some signs of productivity that season, but at the end of the regular season was dismissed from the team missing out on the magic of March.

    But he apparently found his way and has been a sports anchor in NYC even winning multiple Emmy awards in doing so.

    I was scanning through my Street and Smiths and happened on George Masons page. They have a player Otis Livingston II, who indeed is the son. He’s been a 4 year player on that team.

    Always good to see one of our own, however insignificant do well.

  • OH ya I remember Otis. - -Have a hard time remembering time frames on some past players. - -Thanks for sharing this with others , cool to know his son plays for George Mason? - -that’s pretty cool. - -ROCK CHALK ALL DY LONG BABY

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