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    I wondered about why Dexter McDonald had to go to Butler County Community College and then came back to KU. This article give an explanation.

    One interesting aspect is that he considered himself a basketball player in high school and had to re-invent himself mentally to focus on football (yes, I am reading a lot into it). I think this is hard to do and admire his ability and success in doing it.

  • Dexter has been one of the bright spots on defense…

    Man, I would love for everyone to be back healthy in a game or two, and in the meantime with the coaching position-group focus and further continued reps (including even the reps in the live games we lost/lose)…that the team comes together to win a game or two at the end of the season. Building some momentum going into next season, when some additional guys come off redshirt and we can set expectations higher (as we should next year). While the expectations may need to be realistic facing the current situation, they have got to keep rising to keep players and coaches working at the fixes. It will happen, just not as soon as we all hoped.

    But I fully support the KU football players struggling right now: look, some of them are actually hurt & sidelined with pain–>Im not about to bag on their team and “kick em when they’re down”… And you know Heeney and Pierson have put it all out there 100% trying to help their team. So even if we lose more, I SEE the effort, and applaud these kids fighting for us. I know they deserve a W soon, so hopefully a complete game earns them a W soon…

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