Mar 14: Post-game Roundup - KU vs Iowa State


    ##Newell: Iowa State’s offense knocks out KU basketball, 94-83##

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas men’s basketball team had no answer for Iowa State’s high-powered offense, falling 94-83 to the fourth-seeded Cyclones on Saturday night in the semifinals of the Big 12 Tournament in Sprint Center.

    ISU made 17 of 25 shots in the second half (68 percent) on its way to outscoring KU, 48-35, in the final period.

    ##Dodd: Iowa State knocks out Kansas 94-83##

    There are certain general rules about basketball. If an opponent connects on 11 of its first 16 three-pointers, it’s going to be difficult to win.

    If that same opponent — let’s say Iowa State — shoots 54 percent for the night, it’s going to be even harder.

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  • Perry Ellis 30 points. Great job! The main problem I see with this team, besides defense is when they bring the ball up court and throw it back out to a big, most of the time it was Traylor. He is wide open, but not a threat to shoot from 3. That needs to be tweaked. I am not trying to coach the team, but this gives the defense a chance to relax, with zero chance for an outside shot. We need a threat from the outside. Not disappointed about the game. ISU shot lights out. Just one of those things. We will overcome this loss. I love my Jayhawks more than ever! Time for the madness to begin. Let’s get to the Sweet 16 and see what happens from there.

  • @KansasComet it’s always a big guy, he’s also the one inbounding the ball. Sometimes it was Ellis.

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