George Will speaks my mind better than I do

  • I rarely agreed with George Will over the years until Donald Trump came along . Now he has an Op-ed column in the Salt Lake Tribun about the shoe company/NCAA/University mess that perfectly expresses my opinion.

    For example " And why is it a federal crime to evade the NCAA’s lackadaisical enforcement of its nonsensical rules by paying families? About schools maintaining (to borrow a phrase from politics) “plausible deniability” about the meat market in tall teenagers, Washington Post columnist Sally Jenkins notes: “Defense attorneys presented text messages between [former Adidas consultant T.J.] Gassnola and Kansas coach Bill Self that showed the coach was well aware of Adidas’ efforts to steer recruits to him, if not the method. Gassnola assured Self that Adidas was ‘here to help’ in getting players for the school, which was finalizing a 12-year, $191 million sponsorship deal with the sneaker company.” Not bad compensation for Kansas-the-victim. almost all of the $8 billion that college sports generate. "

    And "Perhaps schools should give candor a try, paying their basketball and football players as value-adding employees who create almost all of the $8 billion that college sports generate. "

    No harm, no foul it seems to me.