What are the chances?

  • I had an interesting talk with a fellow KU fan today about the FBI scandal and we discussed some of them scenarios that KU isn’t paying players. Obviously it looks the opposite at this point and it’s pretty native to think otherwise. But there is a slim chance that we are, so I’ll bring up some fair points that he did. The media has been known to twist stuff to create more clicks in several instances, like politicians be qouted saying one thing and then watching the speech and seeing they added 2 words here and took out 2 words there to make it look good or bad. We know the trial isn’t allowed to be broadcasted so all we have is tidbits from people covering it. There is a fairly good chance that stuff isn’t word for word or being left out, good or bad for KU is unknown (the 30 for 30 “fantastic lies” is a great one to watch about media hearing something and running as fast as they can with it, with one or no sources). That could be big in KTs tapped phone call, also note that KT didn’t say we need to get this kid all he is asking, he said “We need to do whatever we can to get him here for 10 months”. What was said after that and before that? That could be a big key going forward in this. So if we did meet his demands why is at Dook? Gattos defense team is going to edit what they have and say whatever they possibly can to get him off the hook. Also Bill Self has sat several players that have had question marks on their status, it makes zero sense to pay guys to sit on bench on street clothes if everyone is getting paid, absolutely none. Also Ayton was supposed to be a sure fire Jayhawk til the very end. We all speculated that Zona paid him when he switched it up, so was his number to high? Or did we not try to pay him? One of those is probably the case. If we are really paying guys why are we not getting the insane good classes that UK and Duke are? Obviously if everyone is paying that plays a factor in this but both of those schools have had multiple top 25 guys each of the last 10 classes, we haven’t on several occasions. Could we really be paying guys like Frank, DG, Ochai and Lightfoot? Guys that really didn’t have a ton of places to go or be in a competition for a biding war? I’d say if we are paying players and getting several ranked in the hundreds ether Adidas doesn’t pay worth a shit or Bill Self and Co. suck a** at recruiting. I’ll add this these other thoughts, how disappointing it would be to not only be cheaters, because if I’m honest I wasn’t a 100% sure we were before this came out, I always liked believing we weren’t getting the classes most of the time because the other said programs were because we weren’t paying. I think at this point if found to be paying all these guys, I’d be fine with clearing house, one NC in 15 years of paying players is a laughing stock to me. Its kinda like the Yankees, I find it hilarious that a organization that buys the best players most the time isn’t even in the playoffs every year. They have 27 titles which is great but they have had the talent for atleast twice as many and baseball isn’t a fluke as much as college basketball, you have to win a series not one game. In a way I suppose we have had the talent to win more as well.

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