OK, so now the real tests begins/predictions

  • Well here we are , the prelims are over - -it’s test time. the big question will be answered or at least a pretty good idea , Has KU improved any ? - -OR did our Non Con just really suck? - -Myself personally , I think a little of both , we are showing signs of some improvement - I think we can all agree Pooka is the real deal - -now it’s time to text that next step.

    Having said that , and I’m hoping for a win yet I think some how Baylor will probably be fired up after their display last Saturday - -their fans NOT HAPPY and many think or are worried about this game with us, BUT I’m afraid our secondary is gonna have matchup problems with their receivers. Their QB is the backup QB that came in last year and ate us alive Sooo

    My prediction is: - --Baylor 34 - - KU 21 - - -hope I’m wrong - --ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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