Mueller nails Popadopoulos for WHOPPING Fourteen Days in Jail

  • What might Mueller get Popadopoulos to “compose”, as Dershowitz calls it, with 14 days of jail time?

    Maybe he will say Trump and Putin use the same brand of henna rinse? And maybe he will say he heard Trump lie about using henna rinse; that could be the perjury charge that requires no evidence to stick!

    Starr got Bill Clinton for lying about a BJ.

    Now Mueller might get Trump for fibbing about his hair coloring method, even though Trump denies using Henna rinse!!!

    Could Brennan, Rosenstein and Comey go to the FISA Court judge and ask for another year of citizen unmasking regarding NSA intercepts with the term “henna rinse” in them?


  • And it’s been confirmed he won’t get any Jello, either.

  • Prosecution cost: $28M, sentence: 14 days. Government spent $2M for every day he will spend in jail…of course its is just tax payers money so who cares…

    PS Last sentence was sarcasm.

  • Is the modest sentence a deal made to get him “to compose” some allegation of perjury by President Trump?

    Or is this just an indication of how little was involved in the way of proven violation?

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