Total BS

  • I’m glad I went to KU in the 60’s and didn’t have to put up with this BS. A course that most likely has feminazi professors. KU has gone totally PC…Sad. The only thing left, worth saving, is their Jayhawk Basketball program.

  • I’m liberal and this is stupid.

  • Wow. Just wow.

  • What a joke. Embarrassing.

  • Relax, manly men. This center and their programs have been around for a long time. It’s not a college course.

    If you are concerned about what’s going on at KU, I seriously encourage you to go to a symposium or sit in on a few classes–the students are f-ing amazing and the reality is far, far different from what’s distorted by some media sources.

  • Why are we reading Breitbart to understand our world in ANY respect, especially the University we hold dear? That’s like asking some conniving asshole at a party for advice about your girl.

    In fact I encourage that whenever citing Fox, CNN, Breitbart or Huffington Post, we preface the quote with "Some conniving asshole says that … " That might help us with context a bit.

  • On a scale of 1 to 10 being stupid this is a 25. I don’t get the continuous war on men. I hope this stuff leaves our university soon, studies show masculinity is good. Kids that grow up without fathers are in far worse shape than those who do. I’m an independent but I’m not sure I’d recommend my kids to go to KU if they continue to try and brain wash kids into liberalism. I want them to take politics outta schools. When the kids are old enough they can decide what they think is correct after living in the real world. I had a cousin that graduated from KU 2 years ago and said just about every professor was an obvious liberal and tried to force it down everyone’s neck. If the teacher really believed in liberal ideas wouldn’t they teach for free? I don’t believe that to positive for the university or the kids.

  • @kjayhawks where did you get the impression that this symposium was suggesting masculinity was bad?

    Here’s another article about a similar topic, not on Breitbart, for some frame of reference regarding likely subject matter:

    It seems this course is encouraging men to be men and step up? Hopefully it’s an open forum where college kids speak their mind as they are wont to do.

  • @StayClassy pretty any new story ran by Democrats ether says its bad or insinuates it. Look at anything on the huffington post or occupy Democrats covers. Men are the terrible especially the white ones.

  • @kjayhawks what I heard you say was “well some conniving asshole says masculinity is bad”. Point taken. I will not listen to some conniving asshole (*1), nor to some other asshole (*2) talking about what the first asshole said.

    *1 - Huffington Post, CNN *2 - Breitbart, Fox

  • So whose sock is StayClassy. :wink:

  • @BShark Lmao you win today buddy.

  • In other news:


  • @KUSTEVE lol. Funny stuff :)

  • Now that’s funny…Fake News.

  • If it’s not clear from the image, this photo is from 2016 and the subtitle is originated by someone making a joke at CNN’s expense.

    Here’s origin of the picture:

    My favorite Reddit comment on it was: “Quick! Someone get that woman a Kane!”

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