Can Jeff Long Help David Beatty Get Better?

  • Fans appear very enthused about Jeff Long’s ability to turn KU football around. Who thinks Long can elevate Beaty to being the coach everyone hoped Beaty would be? Can athletic directors make coaches “get better” the way coaches can make players get better? Or the way good bosses can enhance the productivity of employees? If ADs can’t make coaches get better, why hasn’t Long fired him immediately?

  • Barely beating Nichols State could have occurred under Zenger.

    But crushing the Fighting Nicks would be hard evidence that Jeff Long has helped Beaty get better, right?

    Won’t it be awesome when Jeff Long improves Beaty to .500 then 10 wins and the a B12 title?

    Athletic Directors are so vitally important to developing football coaches.

    Wouldnt it be a shame, if Jeff Long never got to show his other reputed gift of being able to hire big time coaches?

    I don’t know which to expect, or hope for.

    Either way, one of Jeff Logan’s gifts could be under appreciated.


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