Is a Foundation Being Laid for Medicalizing Doubt

  • In an authoritarian state relying on fake explanations to justify corruption that erodes its ownlegitimacy, sooner or later, it seems, it has to “medicalize” doubt of its fake explanations. Ridicule, mischaracterization, marginalization, and criminalization just aren’t sufficient.

    Recall the psychiatric hospitals of the former SOVIET UNION, a failed totalitarian state if there ever were one. If one doubted the corrupt, evil, Bolshevik Communist Party loud enough, you were found to have imbalanced thinking and to be in need of state assistance to relearn right thinking. Free of charge, the state experimented on you with drugs, electroshock and sleep deprivation during an unlimited stay as a patient forced to endure the treatments.

    Here is a link to a Wired story in which psychology researchers, likely with a grant, research supposed conspiracy theorists and find some of them—without putting too fine a point on it—less than well-oiled.

    Gee. What a surprise!

    Won’t this sort of research be handy for further smearing and scapegoating of that Intel memed class of Americans asking the wrong questions about official explanations?

    Now everyone knows how anti conspiracy theories I am, because: a.) the term reputedly sources to an Intel meme; b.) the term is reputedly used often to smear honest persons trying to understand ludicrous official explanations; and c.) real crimes are best investigated by what defense and law enforcement professionals may remain uncorrupted and honest in discharging their investigative duties under apparently highly politicized (and apparently deeply corrupted) upper level officials.

    But even I am appalled at medicalizing a class of truth-starved Americans seeking, however flawed their reasoning , explanations to the some of the apparently preposterous official explanations.

    Frankly, the ONLY “conspiracy theorists” I worry much about these days are those reputedly controlled conspiracy theorists working for Intel and/or law enforcement and reputedly spreading knowingly false conspiracy theories to confuse those ordinary Americans searching for honest explanations. But I digress.

    Are TPTB starting to lay a foundation for medicalizing doubts about their explanations?

    It’s hard to say definitively.

    Are there pedophile priests in Pennsylvania?

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