Is any one following this bracket of the best NCAA all-time lineups?

  • I did not even know this was going on. Here is the NCAA write up, here is a link to the brackets and here is the link to the Twitter feed where you can vote.


    The KU team is pretty darn good with Mason, Hinrich, Pierce, Manning and Wilt and goes next again Villanova. KU will have to beat Kentucky to advance to the Final Four but in my biased opinion, KU is the better team.

    UCLA has a front lined of Jabbar, Walton and Miller but had a closer than anticipated win over Wisconsin…are you kidding me? No doubt fans will vote blindly for a team; the UCLA team would have destroyed Wisconsin.

    I don’t believe you need a Twitter account to vote.

  • Our internet has been out for three days so I didn’t see this. I’ve got KU and Wisconsin in the final!

  • @wissox

    Sorry, Wisconsin was eliminated by UCLA in the first round…

  • @JayHawkFanToo Ha, I didn’t even look at the rosters, but I’m sure it was not to be for the Badgers against all those Bruins.

  • @wissox

    A team with Jabbar and Walton is pretty darn good but so is KU with front line of Chamberlain, Manning and Pierce. I really like KU’s chances but to get to the Final Four it needs to beat Villanovand Kentucky. Duke, UNC and UCLA have easier paths.

  • Current standings after first round…fairly predictable so far but now the matchups are getting closer.

    The 4 #1 seeds are UCLA, Duke, UNC and KU, the first 3 have a fairly easy sailing to the Final Four and KU will have to beat UK which, in my opinion, had a good case to be a #1 seed, better than UNC, except they would not do this to a team with Jordan, and a much better case than Duke…except for that East Coast media bias.

    KU’s lineup of Chamberlain, Manning, Pierce, Hinrich and Mason is really good but maybe Jo Jo White could have been a better choice since he is better known and had a a long and outstanding NBA career and more gravitas than Mason or Hinrich.


  • @JayHawkFanToo 100% agree

  • I know it’s supposed to be about what they did at Kansas, but I think a lineup of:

    Wilt, Embiid, Manning, Pierce, and White/Mason/Hinrich would be pretty fire.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich I agree. I never looked at the link, so I didn’t realize that our lineup was missing the names it was missing. But the other schools probably could say the same things too about who is included in their lineup.

  • @KirkIsMyHinrich

    I take it that they considered only players that played in the NCAA and unfortunately Embiid did not. Having said that I do agree that a Chamberlain-Embiid double post would be at least equal or even better than that of Jabbar-Walton.

  • KU beats Villanova handily 70% to 30% to advance to the Elite 8 and a showdown with Kentucky who beat Ohio State 72% to 28%.

  • @wissox of course you do.

  • LSU over UConn, UNC over Arizona, UCLA over Wake Forest, Indiana over Oklahoma, Georgetown over Michigan State and Florida upsets #1 Duke.

    Next round: KU - UK, UNC - Indiana, Florida - LSU, UCLA - Georgetown

  • KU need some votes. go here and vote for KU. UK is ahead, not because it is the better team but because it has more fans voting. Wall might have a slight edge over Mason and Hinrich and Prince probably pretty close with the edge to Hinrich but KU is much better at the other 3 position.

    1 day left…