Charlie Going Back To Italy

  • Momma Mia…My pick to click this year is going to be loaded for bear come Late Night:

  • @KUSTEVE I was hoping I could get Lumpy to join the Charlie Moore Fan Club, so he would post a Charlie montage…

  • OK, this is what I like about Charlie that makes him so valuable this year:

    Track record: Let’s start with…

    Mr. Basketball of Illinois in 2016. The three winners before him were Jalen Brunson, Jahlil Okafor, and Jabari Parker.

    Ranked 71st on Rivals in 2016 ( mainly due to his 5’7" height listed ), Moore signs with Memphis, and decommits, and signs with Cal. ( Hmmm…maybe he met the Lawsons during that time, and that’s why he’s here.) As a freshman at Cal, he was required many times to carry the scoring load due to Cal’s many injuries during the season, where as many as 4 starters were out at the same time. He ended up averaging double digits his freshman year.

    What he brings to the table:

    A sophomore with an extra year in our system is always a good thing. The guy is lightening quick, drawing comments from other KU players this summer. The guy can shoot- any three point shooter that can hit over 33% translates to a 50% shooter from 2, and Charlie hit 35% from 3 in his freshman year. Not Svi or Devonte good, but certainly good enough for a team that has college basketball’s best front line. And he’s had a full year to work on his shot. And the guy can drive and dish, and drive and score at the basket. I didn’t say score at the rim- I said score at the basket. Although KU has him officially listed at 5’11", I’d say he was closer to 5’7. Being short while playing along a 7 footer, and guys like Dedric, DeSouza, KJ, and company can be a great asset. He can literally hide in plain sight on the court.

    His greatest asset is intangible- a confidence that few players possess. We saw that steely look of determination in Frank and Devonte over the years along with others that have been around the block, and Charlie has that look and that feel. For most players, that confidence takes time to build. Not Charlie. He is going to kick your ass, and make you like it. They will not be able to keep him off the floor, imo.

  • That is some Charlie-passion right there. Maybe Charlie will be bit like the other Moore we borrowed from SMU (Nic)?

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