What happened to the Royals?

  • @dylans Living in SE KS and SW MO (far away from the 2 cities) my whole life I have always been a fan of both. You are right about STL has always done baseball very well, KC has always been better on the football side.

  • @dylans I understand what you’re saying, but if you start at the time of the Royals WS win in 1985, the Royals and Cardinals each have 2 WS wins. OF course 3 years before that year the Cards won, and they’ve played in 6 compared to 3 to the Royals in the same time span.

    Another aspect is that fans of almost all teams look up to the Cardinals and say the same thing. I’d love to follow a team that I know I have hope for the next season.

    Finally, the Royals have a pretty nice park too. In fact it was better than Busch 1, but currently isn’t as nice as Busch 2. As a Sox fan I’m jealous of almost every teams stadium because ours is one of the worst!

  • @wissox I went to a Rookies game in the 90s and was not In the least bit jealous of that team. That was when they were decent too with Dante Botchet and Andres Galaraga both hitting homeruns during the game. Fun, but the stadium and crowd was uninspiring.

    The new Busch stadium is very nice. I’d love to go to Wriggley as well as Boston and NY for games.

  • @wissox Sox ballpark has the worst NAME for sure!

  • @dylans I’ve been to old and new Busch many times. Old was horrible, even after they put in grass and fixed the outfield. The new one looks pretty but it’s a miserable place to be on hot sunny days because there are hardly any seats to get under the upper decks. Nice big seats for fat butts down in the lower level though.

    Being right downtown makes every ballpark/stadium better too, Wrigley is so easy to get to on the train it’s just as fun as being downtown anyway.

    OK… I’m off to the K!

  • @DanR I sat in the champions louge? in the 2nd level of Busch stadium. It was very nice - included 3 buffets, 2 open bars and had their WS trophies on display. The stadium was completely full of people wearing red. Wacha was a rookie and threw a no-no thru 8 2/3. The weather was perfect for a fall game they were in contention for 1st place in the NL, I believe. The game was lots of fun.

    It’s a stark contrast to the Royals games I’ve been to, but I’m still a Royals fan. Sometimes I wonder why, but I’m still a Royals fan through and through. I’m not in the least a Cardinals fan. I make fun of my cousins who are for being bandwagon fans…they’ve never been to the new Busch stadium, they have no idea how right they are.

  • @DanR Looks like you’re getting your money’s worth tonight! Long game, sorry to hear about the delay.

  • @DanR The name is terrible, the logo is worse. It’s a giant red arrow pointing down.

  • Funny story about Kauffman. My adult BFF is a huge baseball fan and was driving by there in the offseason. He pulled off the hiway and found a gate open into the stadium. He walked into the stadium, walked down by the dugout. Didn’t see anyone so he climbs the short wall and goes into the dugout. There’s a door, it’s open, goes into it and follows it right into the clubhouse. Looks around for a minute or two, and walks back out. Climbs back up to the concourse and someone sees him and asks him what he was doing. My friend asked if he could look at the stadium. The guy said you can stand here but don’t go any further. My friend said ok. Then walked out!

  • What a game! KU pm!

  • @DanR I’m wondering if you stayed?

  • @Crimsonorblue22 We stayed! It was a pretty long game with the water delay and with Peralta taking 5 minutes between pitches in the ninth (he got out of the jam though, so I suppose it was worth it!). Stayed for the Salvy Splash and fireworks.


    Great first-game experience for my mom, and I was glad it ended up being a sort of memorable “historic” game with the water leak and the back-to-back rookie homers to win it in the ninth.

    Pretty funny, several times on the way to the ballpark my mom expressed concern about getting hit by a foul ball. I kept telling her there was a net, we were right behind it, and you’re not going to get hit. Wouldn’t you know, the very first batter fouled one straight up and over the net and it landed about three rows in front of us. I got quite the “you betrayed me/I’m SO disappointed in you” look. So I changed my story and said, “well, you won’t get hit in the face, maybe just the top of your head.” My wife added, “plus, it’s the broken bats you really have to worry about.”


  • Looks like a great time! What’s the “water delay”?

  • @wissox The fountain behind the center field wall broke and was flooding.

  • @dylans Did it flood onto the field?


    The fountains sprang a leak during the fourth inning. Relievers in the Royals bullpen jumped and yelled to alert game officials and maintenance workers, triggering the stoppage.

    “I thought I was back in the minor leagues,” Indians manager Terry Francona said. “Nobody knew what was going on.”

    As maintenance personnel worked to stop the flow of water, more than a dozen grounds crew members armed with squeegees wicked water from the warning track as it poured from under the fence. They also created a sandbag barrier to keep standing water from reaching the outfield grass.

    Keller shrugged off the unusual delay, which came after Yan Gomes’ two-out double, and struck out Greg Allen to get out of the fourth inning with the lead intact.

  • Meanwhile the Sox can’t even tank correctly winning 9 of their last 12 games. All hope of the #1 pick are long gone.

  • Sox just won a series in NY for the first time since our WS win in 2005.

  • What happened? The Royals players are doing awesome! Ben Zobrist hit a walkoff. Kendrys Morales hit homeruns in 7 straight games. Oh yeah they don’t play in KC. Hoz sucks, so dodged a bullet there. I’d hate to have Hoz and Gordon both under big contracts. Crippling…it could be worse.

  • @dylans Dude. Royals are 4-1 since I took my mom to her first ever game. This has been literally the best week of the season!

    She’s semi-modestly accepting credit for it too.

  • @DanR better take her more often!

  • Sox-Royals in ALCS 2019!

  • wissox said:

    Sox-Royals in ALCS 2019!

    …and then, you woke up. 😃

  • The Royals put a whoopin’ on the hapless Orioles last night 9-2 moving them just out of last place in the run differential stat. It’s been a rough year.

  • I was at the game and all it did was really piss me off that Mondesi, O’Hearn and Dozier weren’t up at the beginning of the season.

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