How many years do you give Lue?

  • If LeBron leaves?

    Of Collin Sexton:

    “I’m just excited, man,” Lue said. “Just to be able to have a young talent that I can help mold and build and make better and teach him what suit to wear, what shoes to wear with a suit, how to tie a tie, when you go to dinner, things like that that Brian Shaw and Robert Horry and Ron Harper and those guys taught me (with the Los Angeles Lakers), so I’m very excited about that.”

  • Probably longer than if LeBron stays. With LBJ it’s championship or bust. Without him it’s a rebuild. If he shows he can coach and teach young players which they haven’t had then he will stick around.

  • @approxinfinity

    He was handpicked by LeBron and once he is gone Lue is gone as well, although he might stay an extra year so the team and Lue can save face.

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