• Some Nationals dude smokes a 3 run dinger on the first MLB pitch of his career last night? Wow! Is he a top prospect?

  • @wissox

    Is it all down hill from here for the kid?


    One of the great things about sport is these kinds of things keep happening inspite of what goes on in the rest of the world.

  • @wissox yeah man, Juan Soto! he’s our 2nd best prospect, but we have 4 injured outfielders (I’m sure you’re aware that includes Eaton). I don’t think anyone was planning to move him up this fast. It definitely is exciting! After his home he popped his helmet off and “hair flipped” like Harper used to with a big grin on his face (he doesn’t have long hair).

    Now if only we had 3 19 year old middle relievers comparably talented stashed away somewhere in the minors… I saw Reynaldo Lopez started off red hot for you and then cooled off this year. Still think he ends up being one of the ones we regret trading.

  • No Lopez hasn’t cooled off. 1 bad start really. Giolito is going to be good too I think, as long as I don’t go to the games he pitches. His two worst starts as a pro are starts where I’ve been in the stands! Too bad about Eaton. Turning out to be a pretty lopsided trade especially if he can’t stay healthy.

  • @wissox I still can’t believe Rizzo made that trade. All we needed was middle relief and after refusing to trade either of those guys for Andrew Miller at the trade deadline we trade BOTH for a center fielder. oh well.

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