Mr. Svi Mykhailiuk: KU 3-Point Single Season Record Holder at 115 Made Treys at 44% Accuracy!!!!!

  • Svi for three 115 times at a .44 make rate!

    Think about some of the three point shooters KU has had over the years!

    Think of how many guys KU had squeezing treys this past season.

    Heck, Devonte had 110, but his make rate was “only” .40.

    Svi Mykahiliuk had an awesome three point shooting season for a Bill Self guy. Kirk Hinrich and Tyrel Reed probably had higher make rates at .46 or so for a season. But were their 3PT attempts up at 259? I didn’t look it up, but I doubt it.

    Svi just had one helluva a great shooting season. And it kind of sneaked up on me. I knew he was having hot streaks, but the cold spells stuck in my mind. But the hot streaks and the cold spells averaged 44% and 115 treys; that 345 points worth of momentum changing daggers for the Ukraine Kid.

    This great performance by Svi made me go look up a list of top three point shooting seasons in D1starting about 1985, with the caveat that the era from 1985 to 1993 is mostly complete, but not totally complete. Here is the link I looked at.

    To put Svi’s season in perspective, he would have had to make three more to make the list. This is some list of three point shooting. I didn’t realize guys had been making so many treys per season for so long.

    Number 1 on the list is Stephen Curry with 162 makes the 2007-2008 season; that was the season Sherron hounded him in NCAA tourney, if I recall correctly. Kind of adds even greater appreciation for what Sherron accomplished that game, but I digress.

    Not surprisingly, the list is heavily weighted toward players you don’t recall that played for mid majors. Who remembers Darrin Fitzgerald at number 2 with 158 trey makes. Fitzgerald played for Butler, but NOT under Brad Stevens. Fitzgerald hung his great 158 in 1986-1987. Put another way, Larry Brown was coaching KU when Fitzgerald foreshadowed the future of college basketball in the 21st Century.

    The next guy with a name I recognized was Buddy Hield at Number 6 with 147 makes in 2015-2016. Lon Kruger loves him some trifectas.

    After some more mid major types, we find Randy Rutherford from Oklahoma State at Number 9 banging in 146 in 1995-1996. Ah, it seems there were a number of guys back in the 20th Century pointing the way. I didn’t recall Rutherford either. Guess who was coaching OSU and foresaw the future of 21st Century basketball that season? Yup. Eddie Sutton.

    The next guy I remember is at Number 14 and tied with two other mid major guys. He was Dukie J. J. Redick at 139. Remember what a great trifectate Redick was claimed to be? He’s only 14 on the list and at that he’s tied with Travis Bader of Oakland U (2012-2013) and Terence Woods of Florida A&M (2003-2004).

    The list goes on a long ways…all the way down to 16 guys tied at 118. Remember Un Young from Oklahoma? Un was the same guy that was called Deuce at mid season and started the season as Trae. Remember the hype loaded on him? FIFTEEN other guys made as many treys in a single season as Un did. Brady Heslip of Baylor and A.J. Abrams of Texas were two of them. Heck, even Fizzourah’s Clarence Gilbert made 118.

    So: while KU had a great Final Four season, and Svi set our record for most trey makes in KU history, well, Self and KU have some way to go before we can break a guy on to the list I have linked to.

    Some may see the glass half empty and say, “Hey, Bill, what took you so long with this trifectation stuff?”

    But I look at the glass half full and say, “Hey, Bill, when you finally decided to let’s fly, you had Svi immediately set a school record, reach the Final Four, and win your FOURTEENTH CONSECUTIVE conference title!”

    One thing I almost forgot to mention.

    There is not one single Villanova guy on the three point shooting list.

    Go figure.

    Coach Wright might alter the record Villanova record books shortly, also.

    Rock 3 POINT Chalk!!!

    And thank you, Mr. Mykhailiuk, for showing Coach Self that the three point shot is at least gold and not fool’s gold, when you’ve got the kind of accuracy of the Ukrainian Kid!!!

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    We HAVE come a long way!!!

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