Some Suggestions for a Big 12 Near Eastern Division

  • WVU needs an eastern division, so it doesn’t have to keep playing schools out west in the Big 12 Natural Resource Conference. Here are some suggested adds for a Near East Division for WVU.

    Crimean A&M–Russian carriers not only secure the area at Svastopol, but games could be played on them thus allowing easy pre game air connections right to the flight decks.

    Afghanistan Tech–Afghanistan Tech’s mascot, which used to be The Fighting Al Qaeda, but is now the Fighting Karzai, would make a very telegenic mascot ideal for mock shoot outs at center court during half times.

    Ukraine State–Since the Fighting Ukes are funded by a currently insolvent government, like our leaders tell us the USA is insolvent every time they want to push something through somewhere, Ukraine State is a natural add to a Big 12 Near Eastern Division.

    College of the Bosporus-Istanbul Campus–The Battling Constantines play hard nosed defense that can metaphorically lock down the Bosporus and the Dardenelles. This would fast turn into a rivalry between Huggie Bear’s Mountaineers and CoB.

    The University of the South Stream–this is a remarkable new school that wants to get into D1 basketball big time, despite its rather unconventional new campus located on the floor of the Black Sea along the South Stream Pipeline that Russia is building from the Caspian Basin to deliver natural gas to the Balkans in competition with the western pipeline doing the same across Turkey.

    Istanbul A&I-Instanbul Campus–Istanbul is a crucial TV market to tie up in the region and so it only makes sense to admit both College of the Bosporus–Istanbul Campus and University of Istanbul. It will trigger a super inner city rivalry game, and ESPN’s Game of the Week talking heads can broadcast live from the Hagia Sophia to really hold the eye balls.

    (Note: all fiction. No malice.)

  • Dammit jaybate I thought you had some good serious info on getting the Big 12 back to at least 12 if not more teams. Instead I’m driven to laughter as only you can do. Good one. Cheers! (beer)

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