Half this story is True

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    Ok so I’m a male Gigolo, and because of my line of work I have blood work done every 6 months. 🙂 Well the nurse that took my blood noticed my KU Cap. Now remember I’m in Iowa AKA God’s country, and she was like what happened? Before I can answer she was like it was a great season, yet I didn’t feel like they even showed up. Like they didn’t even try. Thought it was an interesting take.

    Looking at the numbers though KU did indeed showed up. Take away the 20 to 2 onslaught by Nova to begin the game. KU actually won the game by two. Yet I have to admit I too feel like KU didn’t show up to play until it was to late.

    I remember Coach talking about this team early in the year that they were weak. I wondered what angle he was getting at. Now I think I know. This year’s KU just flat refused to play defense. Maybe it was the lack of depth in the paint? Yet this team just couldn’t or wouldn’t man up on defense.

    Anyways it was still a great season. Conference streak is still intact. KU won the Conference Tournament showing they could still win a game in the Sprint Center. Plus they topped it off with a win over Duke and a trip to the Final 4.

    All good stuff.

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