Hat Off to Jay Wright

  • Jay showed that he understands and has distilled three point shooting and three point defense to an accurate and precise level.

    His strategy will not always work, but at any given level of equivalent execution and equivalent shooting percentages, Jay Wrights combination of offense and defense will beat any opponent that pursues balance between 2 and 3 point shooting.

    Wright got a Nike short stack, maybe even a medium stack, depending on how you count their stage of development.

    But he also made the most of his stack by scheming an offense/defense that optimized his stack’s abilities and put them in position to win if they executed it, not to perfection but just to a level of pretty good.

    What Wright has wrought is a primer on how to play college basketball the most efficient way possible on both ends of the floor.

    “Its who has the most open 3ptas, stupid.”

    This phrase should be painted in huge lettering on the walls of the KU practice gym this off season and next.

  • “Its who has the most open 3ptas, stupid.”

    …As long as it’s not Garrett.

  • Yup. Garrett froze up a little there.

    But he wasn’t the only deer in the headlights on KU, or Michigan.

    Nova is a B-52.

    They rain terror from above.

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