9/11 Effect Hits March Carney, KU Hard

  • 9/11 Effect Hits March Carney, KU Hard

    A mid major conference runner up, Villanova, got a 1 seed in the East Region—the easiest region by far.

    1-seed Virginia from the ACC lost to 16 seed minor major UMBC.

    Perennial beneficiary of whistle asymmetry, Duke, troughed at 25% from 3, got no called on an obvious and decisive charge by KU, plus was found against on an out of bounds play replete with the now infamous rest period TV timeout to give KU a 4 point victory, despite KU shooting only 35% and somehow mysteriously massively outrebounding an arguably better rebounding Duke front line.

    A mid major from Chicago, Loyola, makes the FF, without a single USA Today AA on its roster.

    Not one, but two—fully half—of the Final Four teams are not just Catholic schools, but a respected, hung ho subset of Catholicism called Jesuits, once proudly kicked out of South America by the Pope. The only thing more improbable would have been for ND and Georgetown to join them, while Neil Gorsuch converted back to Roman Catholicism to give the RCs over half the US Supreme Court Justices!

    A Michigan team without a single player making even “just missed the first, second and third strings of the USA Today All American Team”, nor with a likely NBA draft choice, is in the NCAA Finals.

    And last but not least, the father of all college basketball programs, 1 seed KU from a power conference was blown out 95-79 by Villanova—a runner-up from a mid major conference mysteriously given a 1 seed.

    To put it mildly, college basketball tourney teams have been falling in their own footprints of XTReme improbability, as if the Deep State were flying airliners with Arab patsies with box cutters aboard into teams beaded at the knees and ankles with Thermite charges.

    It feels like after one of the two remaining teams falls improbably in its footprints, the talking heads may broadcast that “now, everything has changed in college basketball,” and some team that wasn’t even in the tournament will be announced by BBC to have been beaten and fallen in their own footprints, before blur-frame video is run that shows the team walking off the floor of a game nobody saw in an arena no one ever heard of crying and sobbing about a loss that had not yet occurred.

    It will take awhile to make sense of this year’s March Carney, same as with 9/11.

    But we will.

    Over time.

    Rock Chalk!

  • Villanova is the best team in the country. Usually that gets you a 1 seed…

  • @BShark

    How does the best team in the country finish second in its own conference?

    Villanova is only the best team in the March Carney, wherein seeding and whistle symmetry and bet balancing appear to be paramount to success and in which it was given an complete marshmellow pathway to a ring.

    It has been given the weakest opponent in a FF in many years.

    Don’t drink the Media-Gaming complex cool aid!

  • @jaybate-1.0 You could argue for UVA that’s about it. Conference play doesn’t really matter. Nova lost it by one game to a team they pummeled twice. They are 35-4 with some of the best efficiency numbers in the country. Best offense. Top 15 defense.

  • @BShark

    Alas Nova has proven they are a 1 trick pony by being beaten in trough games. Thus unlike a long stack, they can be upset at any moment, by a team that denies them just their treys, which will be easy to do by simply staying with them outside, and guarding the kick out passing lane on defense and shooting 5-10 more treys than they do on offense. Like all one trick innovators, their trick will quickly be turned against them. Self just needed that good beating to knock his blinders off. Bellein is wily coach that has the benefit of seeing the KU experience. He will likely eliminate their wing and corner treys by denying the kick out lanes. He will likely benefit from Nova moving slightly down into its trough phase with a 35-38% 3pt game and it will be up to the refs to finish the job that seeding started of making Villanova the champ. Don’t kid yourself. Big shoe, big gaming and big TV appear invested in making Wright the new hot brand of the Catholic crescent from Boston to Miami to New Orleans to LA to Sacramento. Villanova will likely be given every opp to beat UM and any one that understands marketing gets why. What do John Calipari, the once anointed SAVIOR of THE CRESCENT and now deselected fallen angel, have in common? I will give you a hint. It has to do with beads. I am not knocking Jesuit RCs for marketing to their base to enrich their own members and schools, and spread their religio-political influence through sport and marketing. Protestants and Jews try to do similar things. No doubt Muslims, Buddhists, Janist’s, Hindus and “god only knows” what other religions never pass on these sorts of branding and marketing opportunities in sport. The object of the sport game and religion game is similar—put butts in the seats on selected days and spread the word. Religion, still the biggest cash enterprise on earth, has long understood the utility of sport. We Christians got our start in sport and politics with lion fighting in the biggest arena of classical antiquity—The Roman Coliseum. We never really forget our roots. One of our home offices are still just across town from the Roman Coliseum. Capice?

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