Happy it is Beilein or Wright

  • Obviously I’d prefer KU and Self but I’m glad it’s Villanova and Wright that’s the current giant and not Duke, UNC, Syracuse, or Louisville. Here’s to the media darling teams of the ACC continuing to lose on the big stage. Beilein and Wright being there is good for college basketball imo.

  • I’d love to see Belein get a ring, hell of a coach that does more with less.

  • I agree with @BShark, I think Belein maybe the best coach in CBB without an NC. I believe Jay Wright to be the best coach in CBB right now, has the best overall record in the last 5 years and probably gets his second national title in 3 years on Monday. Now he doesn’t have the best overall record but he has embraced small ball and will continue to dominate the sport until someone changes it.

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